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PARA Company LLC has 25 years of experience with web spreading roller technology. Of the several different styles of web spreaders on the market:

Title Major features
Smooth, continuous sleeve roll Excellent spreading, expensive, higher maintenance.
Expanding slat roller Restricted to slower processes, fabrics, textile industry.
Nip rolls Can be VERY aggressive, no wrap, inexpensive.
Bowed Roll Excellent spreading action and can do lane spreading.
Brush roller Most cost effective, excellent web and lane spreading.
Grooved rubber roll Possible for material to ‘dip’ down between grooves.
Grooved aluminum roll Research reports ineffective unless dead shaft.

the most common are the bowed roll, the nip rollers, and the grooved rubber roller.

A relatively new product on the market is the brush style roller. The brush style roller offers both price and operating advantages you will want to check out. Less expensive than most other technologies the brush style roller will remove wrinkles from your web with a 90 degree wrap angle or less. So they are extremely useful in compact locations. Optional styles are available for lane spreading of slit widths.

The bowed roller is an excellent, aggressive roll to use where you want the web path to remain relatively straight or your space can not accommodate more than a 15 – 30 degree wrap angle. Additionally the bowed roll is a very good roller for lane spreading slit widths.

Of all the types of spreader technologies available the Nip style rollers are the most aggressive. Two pinch rollers grabbing the edges of your web and pulling in opposite direction need only a minor 3-5 degree angle to achieve full spreading action. However your web MUST enter straight in and leave straight out or you will be putting wrinkles into your product. ZERO wrap angle is absolutely required.

PDF for Web Spreading

PDF for Bowed Rollers

PDF for Brush Style Spreaders

PDF for Wrinkle Pulls